Arizona Masks for Medical Workers

A partnership of Arizona faith communities and JustServe

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Make Clinical Masks for Medical Workers and Help Us Save Lives!

With your help, we can make sure our Arizona frontline health workers have medical-grade face masks to protect them from COVID-19. We will provide all of the materials and instructions—we just need you.

We buy the parts and materials

You make the masks using our pattern

Receiving hospitals disinfect the masks

We distribute the masks to care providers

How to assemble a clinical face mask

Clinical Mask Instructions
Instrucciones de mascarilla clínica
Need Some Help?

Download this guide and watch the video for instructions to make a clinical mask for frontline healthcare workers through AZ Masks For Medical Workers. These masks must be made with special materials which can be obtained by clicking on the Volunteer & Get Your Kit link above. Connect with our Facebook group for support or to share ideas and photos! #AZMasksForMedicalWorkers



Beginning on September 18, 2020, AZ Masks for Medical Workers hopes to make 600,000 clinical masks in just 4 weeks.





Volunteer sewers needed

Kits to be picked up

Masks to be made


We need your help making clinical face masks

We're determined to keep our Arizona frontline health staff as safe as possible during this COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for playing a critical role in making sure our health care heroes have the protection they need.

Understanding the different types of masks

The type of mask you need during this global pandemic depends on the level of exposure you have. It's important to leave the more protective masks for our frontline health workers.

Homemade Cloth Face Covering

Clinical Mask

N95 Respirator

May protect those around the wearer from large droplets coming from coughs and sneezes.

Resistant to fluids and will filter large droplets and some small particles

Filters 95% of very small particles when appropriately fitted

For community members

For frontline healthcare workers

For frontline healthcare workers. Community use is discouraged so more masks are available for healthcare workers.

Wearers should practice physical distancing, hand washing, and avoid touching their face

Health workers should follow institutional protocol

Requires professional fit-testing to be fully effective

Can be reused if properly cleaned*

Health workers should follow institutional protocol

Extended use or reuse requires following strict CDC guidelines

Can be easily made at home using materials such as cotton or cotton blend

Must be made using medical-grade polypropylene following strict fabrication guidelines

Manufactured using specialized materials and processes

Check with local organizations to donate homemade cloth face coverings

Experienced volunteers are needed to sew clinical masks with AZMasksForMedicalWorkers

Check with local organizations to donate N95 masks

Frequently Asked Questions

What help is needed?

AZ Masks For Medical Workers is seeking volunteers to sew clinical face masks in their homes. Skills needed include the ability to follow detailed instructions and effectively and comfortably use a sewing machine. Equipment needed is a sewing machine, thread, scissors, and pins. Material and instructions will be provided.

How will these masks be used?

These masks will be for healthcare workers in our community. They are for individuals closely caring for those who are infected or diagnosed with COVID-19. Hospitals will sterilize the polypropylene masks before they are used, and they will help protect healthcare workers and patients in Arizona.

Will these clinical masks protect against disease?

Clinical masks made with the approved pattern using medical grade polypropylene offer a similar level of protection as approved surgical masks. See Face Mask Differences for more information.

What is the time commitment?

Each kit includes material to make 100 masks. Depending on your sewing experience level, each mask takes 5-10 minutes to sew. In addition to time required to pick up and drop off the masks, you should expect to dedicate 10-15 hours of sewing time per kit.

Join the AZ Masks For Medical Workers initiative to sew urgently needed Clinical Face Masks by going to Select the project location right for you. Register. You will receive a confirmation with instructions. Print this confirmation, it will be necessary to pick up your materials kit.

How do I participate?

What comes in a kit?

Each kit will contain pre-cut bundles of material for 100 single-use clinical masks. Depending on the material available in the kit, a face mask with either fabric or elastic ties can be made. Thread, needles, and other sewing equipment are not included in the kit.

How do I get help while I’m sewing?

Review this helpful Instructional Video and connect with a community of sewing volunteers and experts who can help in the Arizona Masks For Medical Workers Facebook Group

What do I do when I am finished?

Ensure all masks are clean and free of potential contaminants such as pet hair, food stains, etc. Place completed masks in the bags provided or in clean plastic bags. Place any materials you have not used in a separate, labeled bag. Put everything you are returning into the trunk of your vehicle. Follow the instructions provided by for where and when to return your items.

Can I pick up kits for my friends and neighbors?

If you want to pick up kits for friends, they must register on and send you their registration confirmation for you to print. You will need a printed registration confirmation for every kit you pick up.

Who is behind AZ Masks for Medical Workers?

AZ Masks For Medical Workers is a collaborative effort between Arizona faith communities, JustServe, and volunteer sewers across the state to manufacture clinical face masks for our frontline caregivers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The collaboration is producing medical-grade masks to provide our dedicated healthcare workers with the protection they deserve. Mask kits are provided by Latter-day Saint Charities.

Additional Project Support provided by...

  • JustServe
  • Central Christian Church
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • Camelback Seventh-day Adventist
  • Life Bridge at Pure Heart Church
  • Emmanuel Lutheran
  • Deseret Industries
  • Deseret Transportation
  • Latter-day Saint Charities

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